Merco Marine

Merco Marine
Merco Marine
The first couple years were spent selling hardware and floats from another manufacturer out of a small office and rented warehouse in downtown Wellsburg, WV. Now, Merco Marine Merco’s product catalog is updated each year and they print 60,000 catalogs for customers that placed an order or requested a catalog.

Merco Marine stocks most of what they manufacture and sell including all of their galvanized steel dock components, lumber, float drums, and all the accessories. In total Merco Marine manufactures 500 different items and sell a total of 2,900 unique items. In total we stock roughly 300,000 parts and pieces in our facility at any given time.

When Merco was started, they decided that there were several principles that the business would adhere to like paying bills on time and treating their employees fairly and share their business success with them. They atribute their success to that and are based out of West Virginia.

Merco Marine is one of the few dock manufacturers that worries about educating their prospects and customers and have on their website a wealth of information that brings them tons of traffic each month, like products, place orders, request catalogs, download catalogs, learn about flotation, view photo galleries, download credit applications, etc…

Merco Marine is a manufacture with many automated machines for efficient cost and effective production. They make over 35,000 ½” tabs that you see on single “T” male and female parts as well as outside corner males and females every year.
60 Merco Rd.
Wellsburg, WV 26070
West Virginia

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Merco Marine

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