Boat Dock Design Softwares

When it comes to getting a boat dock installed, that can be a natural process that takes just a couple of hours to days depending on your dock type and the decision to either call a marine constructor or do it yourself. Whichever way, the design of a boat dock is where you need to give a lot of thought. This process needs to be perfected. It is in this process that you get blueprints and make a complete dock design for how you want your dock to look like; it gives you an opportunity to put into consideration the properties of your lake bottom as well as weather conditions in your locality and local regulation. Does it look tedious already? Well, it is worth the time as it is what determines whether you will enjoy your dock or not. In other to help, there is software out there designed to assist you in making blueprints for your dream dock. Let’s have a look.

  • CAD Pro: if you are seeking software that can get your dock designed with ease, all you need is this software. The application has a good number of in-built features and systems to get you going with your boat dock design. The CAD Pro has sufficient features to complete any boat dock designs and plans with intuitive drafting and design tools and symbols that anyone can use with a professional result to take you from beginning stage of your design to full concepts. It is the perfect design software for your dock design. With CAD Pro, you do not need a marine constructor to get your pier designed. You don’t need to be an experienced professional make your dock look professional. CAD Pro has in-built textures for flooring, countertops, and more. You can also add pop-up photos for a real-world view of your boat dock design ideas. However, it is advisable that floating docks and post docks blueprints be designed with this software and more robust dock type like crib docks are left to professionals.
Marina dock design layouts.
Marina dock design layouts.
  • FLOE DESIGN-A-DOCK: this software serves well in helping you get a design done for your dock. It comes with some options to ensure you have the perfect plan. A sad side to this, however, is that the software is only available for PC. However, according to the FLOE official website the app is promised to be made available for all platforms this fall.



  • Great Lakes Entry Dock Designer Tool: is a new utility you can use to help get your dock designed exactly the way you want it. It has a simple drag and drops to add the components you want onto the design surface easily and lay them out into the design you envision. With the Great Lakes Dock Designer Tool, you can design whichever type of waterfront or dock you want to have. Here is a link to the official website.

With the above software, you are sure to have the blueprints for your pier construction done with ease. With that, the design part is out of the way and you may head on to the next item on your dock construction list.

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